Growing Thai Basil

By SowingGood / 26 September, 2016
How to grow Thai Basil

This Thai Basil is my first attempt at growing edible greens in my apartment.

1. Transplanting the Thai Basil Seedling

I bought this Thai Basil seedling at Green Living 2016 held at the Marina Bay Sands on Saturday, 10 September 2016. However I left it in a bag till after the expo ended because I was too busy and tired as I was also an exhibitor and speaker at the event.

Finally transplanted it into an old glass honey jar on 13 September.

I filled the jar with some light -weight potting mix meant for the vertical VGP vertical greening system from The Nature Company. Next I added some Biomax organic fertilizer made of chicken manure and sprinkled water with my fingers from a cup instead of pouring directly as I was afraid of damaging the baby basil. The jar was then placed by a window.

Click on the link to find out more about buying soil for potted plants -especially fruits and vegetables that you are going to eat!

After that, I proceeded to plant 3 Romaine Lettuce, 3 Green Lettuce and 2 Pak Choi seeds into an old planter. I also planted 2 Okra (Ladies' Fingers, Lady's Finger) seeds in an old pot. These were all placed in my small balcony.

Day 1 of urban home farming was complete!

2. Sow, Water and Let It Grow!

The next few days was just watering and waiting...

But it didn't take long to see the Thai Basil grow!

How to grow Thai Basil

Thai Basil, Day 1: Just transplanted the seedling into an old honey jar.

Grow Thai Basil Day 2

Thai Basil Day 2 (14 Sep 2016).

Grow Thai Basil Day 4

Thai Basil Day 4 (16 Sep 2016)

Grow Thai Basil Day 10

Thai Basil Day 10 (22 Sep 2016)

Grow Thai Basil Day 14

Thai Basil Day 14 (26 Sep 2016)

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