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Preparing for an Anti-jobs Future

By SowingGood / 30 October, 2016

We’re Living in an Anti-jobs Era​Driverless vehicles have been in the news recently.Google has been testing out their driverless cars for a few years now. In August 2016, Singapore became the first country in the world to have a driverless taxi service. This will soon be joined by driverless buses. Uber has also launched their driverless car […]


Growing Sweet Potato

By SowingGood / 28 October, 2016

Sweet potatoes are quite easy to grow. All you need is one sweet potato or a few to start with.The sweet potato plant can also be eaten 2 ways.Firstly you can eat the sweet potato tuba. Secondly, you can eat sweet potato leaves (IMPORTANT: Do NOT eat regular potato leaves). Potato (and tomato) leaves and stems are […]


How to Regrow Lemongrass

By SowingGood / 26 October, 2016

​Lemongrass is a useful plant that can be used in cooking and to make refreshing lemongrass drinks. It is also a natural mosquito repellent. The good news is Lemongrass is very easy to regrow.Regrowing Lemongrass in 2 WeeksWe bought some Zenxin brand organic lemongrass from the supermarket (available in Giant or Cold Storage in Singapore) to make Tom […]


Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables Exceed Safety Limits

By SowingGood / 17 October, 2016

Here’s another reason to grow your own food. Routine tests by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) last year found over 300 batches of fruits and vegetables to be sold in Singapore with pesticides levels that exceeded safety limits. Click here for the full article.