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Preparing for an Anti-jobs Future

By SowingGood / 30 October, 2016

We’re Living in an Anti-jobs Era​Driverless vehicles have been in the news recently.Google has been testing out their driverless cars for a few years now. In August 2016, Singapore became the first country in the world to have a driverless taxi service. This will soon be joined by driverless buses. Uber has also launched their driverless car […]


Does Our Education System Produce Life or Death?

By SowingGood / 29 September, 2016

There’s a tremendous shift happening in the educational landscape.HomeschoolingIn the United States, homeschooling used to be considered an alternative education. However it is now widely accepted and indeed preferred by rapidly increasing numbers of parents.​ Even Singapore, in spite one of the most highly-regarded education systems in the world, has increasingly more parents who are opting to […]